Why I Enjoy StarLighters

September 16, 2019

Bowling has been a sport of leagues that grows … then shrinks; expands then contracts … it happens in cycles. The only constant in bowling is if you have an enjoyment level that is beyond what you get from any other interaction and/or sport.

It’s economical because it is only $20 for 3 games and the comradery of competing with another team of people. If you’ve got a league with 4 people, it’s easily 2 hours of being around people with similar interests to you; with 5 it stretches a little longer and that is just fine.

What I have enjoyed the most about StarLighters is the consistency. It’s about seeing the same (or a lot of the same) people there week in and week out. It’s getting to know people that you are spending the time with. Spending the time with complete strangers that have come into our lives as friends and acquaintances is what brings people together in any sport but more so with bowling because of the teamwork involved and the down time between turns.

Some of those friends have also invite you along for great experiences, like bowling in the US Open Nationals, where anyone can have a great turn of technique and win a part of the over $170,000 in prize money. Going is an experience in itself and taking part is something every bowler should do, even if just once.

All those experiences are ones I have had in StarLighters, having bowling in the league for over 16 years. And it is a journey that is just as enjoyable traveling as it is getting there.

So whether you want to join with Session #1 underway or want to wait until Session #2 starts up in January, I always recommend jumping in and seeing where the journey takes you.